Culture Harbour Kronborg

A modern cultural hub

The Culture Harbour Kronborg project is an extensive development scheme designed to renew and improve of the vicinity of Kronborg Castle. The project creates the framework for the transformation of the area in and around both the harbour and Kronborg Castle. From being a zone symbolised by a shipbuilding industry, the area has become a modern cultural hub, with the castle as its international landmark. Culture Harbour Kronborg encompasses improvements to the landscape and urban space. A new space is being created between the city, The Culture Yard and Kronborg Castle that can be used for a wide range of activities from major cultural events to a haven for a relaxed break on a sunny afternoon. Kronborg Castle’s bastions have been exposed and a new ravelin has been constructed in the harbour. The ravelin, a mid-harbour fortification extension with two faces forming a salient angle, is an interpretation of the old Scholtens Ravelin, which was part of Kronborg Castle’s outer fortification around 1700. The harbour itself has new quays and the Royal Quay has been extended.

Great offers at the culture yard

The Culture Yard offers a broad range of options for everyone. Dance shows, lectures, concerts and multimedia art, to name but a few. Enjoy a quiet cup of coffee as you look across the harbour to Kronborg Castle, or enjoy a sumptuous brunch. The Yard offers experiences that are social, recreational, artistic and informative. Among other facilities, The Culture Yard offers a main library, the Store Scene (Big Stage) theatre and concert hall with seats for 500 people or standing space for 1,000, the Lille Scene (Small Stage), the Wharf Museum, the Krydsfeltet exhibition area and Kulturværftets Spisehus – The Culture Yard Eatery. Eventually another stage of expansion of The Culture Yard will take place, creating a compact quarter which will also contain educational establishments. The Culture Yard builds the bridges between businesses, educational establishments and culture and creates new and exciting opportunities for Elsinore. Read more

The maritime museum is unique

The new Maritime Museum is being constructed in the exceptional setting of a dry dock between Kronborg Castle and The Culture Yard. Built around and into the sides of a 150 metre dry dock, the dock itself will be an outside space for exhibitions and events and will allow sunlight to flood into exhibition halls. The project is unique in an international perspective, as no other examples are known of a dry dock of this size being converted into a maritime museum. The museum will be a striking tourist attraction, providing both visitors and Elsinoreans the opportunity to be enthralled by and learn about Denmark as one of the world’s leading maritime nations. The new museum is expected to open in 2013. In the meantime, the current Maritime Museum at Kronborg Castle remains open for visitors. Read more

Kronborg is world heritage

Kronborg Castle, which has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2000, is the focal point of the new culture zone. The castle is one of Northern Europe’s most significant renaissance castles and welcomes 200,000 visitors each year. The renowned castle – which apart from its historically vital role for Denmark is also known as the original venue for Shakespeare’s Hamlet – has strengthened its position as a cultural landmark. Parts of the castle and its fortifications have been restored, access roads improved and its presentation activities developed. The castle complex now also houses several artists, as well as the Café Kronen and the Café Brohuset. The restoration of the castle and its fortifications, as well as the development of new visitor activities, will stay in focus in coming years. The castle and its fortifications remain open to the public throughout the construction of Elsinore’s new culture zone. Read more