After a large expansion of the Royal Quay, the Port of Elsinore is ready
to welcome super yachts and cruise ships in 2013.

The port of Elsinore provides services to the world’s largest cruise ships, and offers permanent or temporary moorings for super yachts, at the brand new Royal Quay, where ships up to 150 metres in length can call into port. The most famous is Queen Mary 2, which has come to visit us for the last three years.

The whole area around Elsinore harbour is changing with the cultural area of Kronborg as the driver for development bringing increasingly more tourists to Elsinore. More ships are also using the port of Elsinore as point of departure for trips to Copenhagen, just 45 kilometres away.

There is a long tradition of Queen Margrethe coming to Elsinore with the Royal Yacht Dannebrog to inaugurate the spring, and in recent years cruise ships and other super yachts have also discovered the port of Elsinore with its key location to the Baltic Sea.

You will have everything at your feet mooring in the port of Elsinore. A compact city centre with small, winding streets, and world class sights like Kronborg – world heritage site – and the Hamlet Scene, currently receiving great international acclaim.

On this page we have compiled all the information you will need as a cruise ship or yacht visitor, and we hope you will enjoy a fantastic stay…