Serviceport Elsinore is a full-service port.
When passing Elsinore- enjoy the benefits of service and supply from a port with the following standards.

  • ISPS certified harbour
  • Port facilities; The Ports of Elsinore receive all types of ships, but only ships up to 150 metres with a draught of max. 6½ meters along the quay in port
  • Anchorage; a depth of more than 20 metres in calm and sheltered waters, and 0.25 NM to jetty
  • Sailing time; 5-10 minutes sailing time from jetty to anchorage – and back
  • Crew change; just one hour train ride to Copenhagen Airport and 1½ hours to Malmo Airport
  • Ferry transport / Sweden; 5 minute walk and 20 minute sailing time to Helsingborg – and back
  • Service; local maritime companies are specialists in the fields of engine maintenance, electronics, IT, freight forwarding, sealings, security and crew change
  • Freight forwarding; we supply all needs to the ship or establish contact to the nearest professional supplier
  • Pilot ship; DanPilot in the Ports of Elsinore

The Ports of Elsinore is the natural maritime service partner
during passage through the Oresund/ The Baltic Strait,
and we will be happy to help you with any task to increase
the efficiency of the needs of passing ships.

Service Elsinore / Denmark
serviced by
Baltic Shipping Company A/S
P: +45 3996 0800 / 365 days a year

Port Supervision and Inquiry
Jan H. Christensen
P: +45 4928 1288

Port Control
P: +45 4921 0515